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Loyalty works, but loyalty platforms do not

Current loyalty platforms just do not work. It is frustrating for customers and hard to manage for business owners. Current digital loyalty platforms make it even harder and more painful for customers to join loyalty programs, requiring many steps before they can even earn their first point.

Paper Loyalty Stamp Card
  • Easy to lose or forget
  • Too many cards to carry
  • No valuable data for business owners
Current Digital Loyalty Platform
  • Too many steps to get started
  • Need to download app
  • Need to give up personal information
  • Need to scan QR codes

Introducing the easiest Loyalty Platform

How easy? Customers don’t have to download an app, register, give up information, or scan a QR code. Just a simple tap of a card they already have. It takes little to no training for cashiers to operate, with each transaction taking less than 10 seconds to complete. Business owners can manage and keep track of their campaigns easily, without the need to keep printing paper loyalty cards.

Increase in customer participation
Increase in transactions
  • No personal information required
  • No need to download app
  • No need to sign up for an account
  • No need to scan QR code
  • No need to carry so many cards
  • Easy for all ages
  • Takes less than 10 seconds per transaction
  • No need to enter customers’ information
Business Owners
  • Gain customer insights through the business dashboard
  • Easy to manage
  • Lower cost and more effective than in-house apps and paper loyalty cards
"SoEasy gave us the platform to
easily reward our customers
(especially regulars), without needing a new card, app or account registration. Customers were
more receptive
to receiving rewards, which in turn helped us build loyalty and attain more returning customers."
Kevin Khoo
Now Noodles+
“We love rewarding customers for their loyalty and we understand the pain of having to carry around numerous loyalty cards.
SoEasy was the bridge
that enabled us to easily reward customers with a simple tap of their frequently used card. The platform is well thought out, encouraging customers to be more receptive to earning rewards, therefore making it easier for us to retain them. More importantly, there’s
no need to download anything!
With its stylish-yet-simple interface, upon seeing our regular customers getting rewarded, new customers will want to be part of the loyalty program too. I will
highly recommend
it to anyone looking for a hassle-free loyalty platform.”
Daphne Goh
Lunar Coffee Brewers & Atlas Coffeehouse

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